Welcome to the Asheville Friends of Astrology!
The AFOA usually meets on the third Friday of each month at Earth Fare Westgate, Asheville, NC. 
All meetings are free, and everyone is welcome!
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The Asheville Friends of Astrology is a group of professional and amateur astrologers.
We gather monthly for presentations, conversation and mutual support.

PURPOSE AND BENEFITS OF THE SOCIETY: The purpose and benefits of the society include:

SOCIAL A place where those who love astrology can gather, speak their common language, and get to know each other better

EDUCATIONAL A place where we can all learn more about astrology through lectures, drawing on each other’s knowledge, and other means

SUPPORT  It’s easier for us to help each other, both personally and professionally, if we know each other!

RAISE ASTROLOGY’S PROFILE By regularly publicizing each month’s meeting, we will help make everyone in WNC more aware of astrology and the benefits it offers. This will:

  • help WNC’s professional astrologers attract more clients
  • encourage more people to learn and use astrology, and
  • encourage more people to enjoy the numerous benefits that astrology offers.