Cathy Burroughs, Speaker

Ancestral Lineage in the Chart: the Last Frontier: MARCH 2008

Ancestral Lineage in the Chart: the Last Frontier

Family Karma Dynamics and Issues and How they Imprint on our Psyches, Affect our Relationships and the Quality of Our Lives – past, present, future…..

Please bring family of origin charts of several generations if possible: Yours, partners, mother, father, children, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles or others that seem pertinent…..Or you can apply these same techniques to other groups such as you, your boss, your employees, your colleagues and co-workers or friends you feel particular karmic triggers with…..

Burroughs, former VP of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS), has a successful Atlanta-based astrology, psychic and healing practice with an international clientele. She teaches astrology (all levels), psychic development, healing/clearing, tarot and more. She is a columnist for, and her “Celestial Interpretations” column appeared for many years in The Decatur Review/Journal (now The Story Newspaper). She has also written for the Aquarius newspaper and Oracle Magazine.

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