Jim Rodgers, Speaker

Asteroid Goddesses and the Mystic Way: Models of Spiritual Transformation: JAN 2010

JAN 2010

Jim Rodgers

“Asteroid Goddesses and the Mystic Way: Models of Spiritual Transformation”

The urge for spiritual growth appears to be as old as man himself. This is evidenced by the development of various paths to spiritual enlightenment which have appeared in diverse cultures at different historical periods.

Within the distinct spiritual discipline of mysticism there exists a threefold path to divine consciousness: purgation – illumination – union. Recent developments in astrological thinking demonstrate that this threefold process of ontological change exists within the archetypes of the Asteroid Goddesses: Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno.

This presentation will compare these similar archetypal paths to spiritual development. To demonstrate the transformative potential of the asteroid archetypes the lives of several mystics will be examined astrologically.

This presentation is adapted from Dr. Rodgers’ article published in The Astrological Journal’s Nov/Dec. ’09 issue.

Jim Rodgers, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated from Brown University Medical School and completed his residency training at Harvard Medical School. He is a student of Western esotericism with a focus on alchemy, mysticism and astrology. He has a degree in alchemy and is a member of the International Alchemy Guild.

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