Marian Jones, Speaker

Astrological Healing: JUNE 2016

Marian Jones, Astrological Healing – Marian will explore the function of the four elements in health and relationships in Western Astrology.  She will be providing us with an introduction to the use of astrological imagery in  Asian Medicine and Shamanism. 
Marian does medical intuitive reading, focusing on astrology as alchemy and intentional inner work.  Her readings explore the unity of body-mind-spirit and weave a Web of imagery across many disciplines and dimensions.  She teaches her clients how to connect with their symptoms from a holistic medical perspective.
Marian has been studying the I Ching and Astrology along with Western and Eastern Medicine for 40 years. She has degrees in Psychology, Nursing and Oriental Medicine. She is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine.` She was a Psychiatric nurse for 7 years with children and adolescents. Originally, Marian studied energy medicine with  many different people in the seventies including Therapeutic Touch and Jin shin Do(R) Acupressure teachers. She wrote  a book on healing from Fibromaylgia and a children’s book on Dragons soon to be published.  Her writing synthesizing Five-element theory and Astrology was published in QI magazine.

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