David Leskowitz, Speaker

Astrology of the Bardo: Centaur Planets: OCT 2017

David Leskowitz will be speaking to us about the Centaur planets (or asteroids). Chiron is the most widely known, but David will also be informing us about its kin: Chariklo, Okyrhoe and Pholus,  David will discuss the Centaurs’ distinct role in the astrology with respect to the bardo experienced: in moments when we are spontaneously lifted out of this linear dimension.  Famous case studies will be examined, ranging from those threshold experiences medically recognized as Near-Death or Out of Body, to the more spiritually lofty, such as claims of ascension, resurrection. and intentional reincarnation. 

Astronomically, Centaurs weave between the inner and outer planets, bringing unique information along with them to Earth. In myth, the Centaurs are renowned for healing and psychic abilities. Astronomers have recognized dozens of Centaur Planets.  Join us to learn their myths as well as special methods for getting the most specific information out of these new planets in our astrological charts.
David Leskowitz found the art of astrology to be the crucial knowledge that was missing from his education, in both the academic and spiritual sense. Luckily his college mentor was secretly an astrologer, too! Since finding the stellar science (just as Chiron transited his Pisces Ascendant) David has studied integrative astrology with Rick Jarow, and evolutionary astrology with Steven Forrest. His approach is inspired by his two years spent in India, as well as the non-dual outlook of his Buddhist teachers. Planetary knowledge helps attune us to this world, while showing us the way through. For the past three years David has made an extensive study of the Centaur planets as they relate to the timing of visionary experiences. Now he is inspired to share these findings in workshops, in addition to a new healing meditation process that includes the Centaurs as our guides.
His website is Hominy Creek Horoscopy and facebook.com/hominycreekhoroscopy.

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