Gary Caton, Speaker

Changing Horses in Mid-Life: Re-Visioning our Dramaturgy: JUNE 2008

In the June/July issue of The Mountain Astrologer, I outline four primary Heroic Archetypes and their analogues in the 4 Astrological Elements: Fire/Warrior, Air/Wanderer, Water/Martyr, Earth/Magician. We can use these Archetypes to facilitate clients changing life-scripts via the three-step process of transformation symbolized by Vesta, Pallas and Juno.

Often clients come to us in pain or confusion because they are living a dead script. The heavy emotions clients initially present are symbolic of the compressive focusing energy of Vesta. When they are able to experience a new archetype/script, there is a creative release (Pallas). This leads to new connections (Juno) with new characters!

We will explore this process in the chart and life of Bob Dylan – who managed to integrate all four heroic paths. If time permits, we can also explore this process in the charts of audience volunteers.

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