Chiron: The Myth vs. Reality: MARCH 2014

Chiron: The Myth vs. Reality

Liz will offer her insight on the relevance of Chiron as a primary key in understanding the deeper nature of our common humanity. Her most recent book, Entering the Mystery with Radical Trust: A Story of Faith is a compelling account of her Chiron Return as she navigates through this transit into a synthesized awareness of what it really means to embody our divinity.

This talk will focus on her profound and unique understanding of how the Chiron wound plays a significant role in the unfolding of our evolutionary intent. She will use her own chart as a teaching tool to give an experiential account of how the astrology of Chiron translates into real life experience.

Liz Gunn is an Intuitive Astrologer practicing full time in Asheville and was voted Best Astrologer 2013 in WNC. Go to Gunn Astrology for more info.

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