Gary Caton, Speaker

Goddess Astrology: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine: April 2010

Gary Caton. “Goddess Astrology: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine.”

-Transformation means to go beyond the current organizing principles, to literally or figuratively change worlds

-Venus and Mercury become invisible twice in their synodic cycle and journey to the underworld

-The asteroids in transformation dwell in the “void” between personal and social planets

-The process of transformation is a 3 step process that begins with:

Ceres — that creates an “Awakening to the Possibility”, then

Vesta — Discipline and Training — requires exposure to extreme, periods of isolation, death and compression of the old self, purgation and purification. One door must close for another to open, –

Pallas — Culmination — after the breakdown the compressed state is released! This is the heroic stage, and creates a personal vision. Culmination, Illumination and Apotheosis. You ask for and receive spiritual protection.

Juno — Return and Contribution — created a “sacred marriage” between conscious and unconscious. The wholeness from the journey and unity with God is an elixir. Time to give back, return, and offer healing to others.

-Gary provided charts of many artists who participated in the “Summer of Love” 6/16/67 – 6/18/67 and “Woodstock” 8/16/67 – 8/18/67 to illustrate the effects of the transiting asteroids. The artists included Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Alan Wilson, Carlos Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Joe Cocker, Alvin Lee, CSN&Y and Joni Mitchell.

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