Liv Woodford, Speaker

Living by the Moon: JULY 2016

Olivia Woodford, Living by the Moon – Olivia Woodford has been a professional astrologer for 26 years.  She is certified in Mythic Astrology with Wendy Z. Ashley and Fixed Star Astrology with Bernadette Brady.  A lifelong student of astrology, her practice has been enriched through the study of various astrological approaches including Shamanic Astrology with Daniel Giamario, Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Green and Chart Synthesis with Noel Tyl.  Olivia has a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University, is the Founder of Healing Theatre and is a Certified Life Coach.
Olivia’s background as an artist, teacher and nonprofit administrator has provided her a range of experience in which to view life and understand the human journey.  Her avid exploration of world cultures, Jungian psychology and eastern and western philosophies have given her a depth of perspective and experience in the realm of archetypes and symbols.
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The earliest peoples created a lunar calendar. Living by the Moon and attuned to cyclical time, our ancestors recognized the interconnectedness of all life and moved in tune with natural rhythms.  A lunar orientation strengthened communal and familial bonds and enhanced intuitive, reflective, and creative sensibilities.
Living in a solar-oriented world that glorifies linear time, perpetual progress and the exaltation of the individual, we have lost touch with the light of the Moon and the mysteries
This workshop will engage and develop relationship with the lunar cycle and will provide detailed information about the Moon, its mysteries, rhythms, and how our ancestors experienced and lived by The Moon.
Information, tools and exercises to help inspire and motivate you and your clients to Live by the Moon that will be included in the workshop are:
* Daily, Monthly, Seasonally, Annually and Cosmic Lunar Cycles
* Lunar cycles of a human life
* Ways to foster a lunar-oriented life, as opposed our solar orientated culture * Animals that embody lunar energies.
* Ways to attune to the inherent power held within the dark time before the New Moon
* Optimal times for gardening, surgery, and more
* Ways to Relate to the Moon as a living being and to recover the wonder of this silvery orb that watches over the night.

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