Benjamin Bernstein, Speaker

Planetary Invocation Using Shamanic Astrology: FEB 2011

“Planetary Invocation Using Shamanic Astrology”

The planets are living beings who possess consciousness, intelligence and power. In Benjamin Bernstein’s Shamanic Astrology Consultation, they come alive in the client!

Benjamin, an Asheville astrologer and shaman, interprets each natal planet in detail using Western Astrology, formulating a clear intention of how the client wishes its powerful forces to express in their life. Benjamin then does a detailed invocation of that planet, shamanically integrating its highest way of expressing into the client’s energy field. Clients feel the unique energies of each planet blending with them during the invocations, then empowering their lives from that day forward.
The energies of the moving planets (transits, progressions and solar arcs) can also be shamanically integrated. 

In this lecture-demonstration, Benjamin Bernstein will give an overview of how he does shamanic astrology, and will describe how his experiences attending magical sweat lodges and Amazonian shamanic ceremonies led him to combine Western Astrology and shamanism.

He will give attendees a firsthand taste of their own living planetary forces by doing brief basic invocations of each planet for the entire audience at once. (Any who do not wish to experience this will be energetically excluded from the invocations.) 

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