Gary Caton, Speaker

Secrets of the Venus-Mars Cycle: FEB 2016

Secrets of the Venus-Mars Cycle – In this workshop, Gary will put his research into the 2500 years of Venus-Mars cycles into context from a Mundane perspective, seeing how history can be seen to cyclically repeat via the 300 year Venus-Mars Epoch.  Then hell zoom in on the particular cycles of the current era and see why things have drastically changed since the baby boomers were born. This of course informs relationship styles and trends as well as gives insight into self-improvement strategies. Come find out your own unique place in both the macro and micro Venus-Mars cycles-which may be very different than what you expected!

Gary P. Caton is an eclectic astrologer who embraces an organic process-oriented approach to spiritual exploration, growth and transformation via the living Sky. After immersion in Shamanism & Tarot, Gary was initiated an Astrologer by a magnificent Dream in which he was shown the Sun-Venus cazimi. Gary holds a Counseling degree and has developed a unique multi-discipline Astrology practice over 23 years. Visit Gary’s website at

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