Ruby Falconer, Speaker

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Messages From Hathor: APRIL 2011

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Messages From Hathor

Encrypted in the language of western astrology is a description of the wounds we have suffered over the last 3000 years. This language has served us well, because we are a wounded planet. The mythological symbolism of ancient Egypt is older than the Greek and Roman archetypes that are the basis of western astrology. Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a language of wholeness based upon the neteru of ancient Egypt. Held within its archetypal symbols is a story of right action directed by and connected to love.

Join Ruby for an evening of information and discussion on the relationship between western astrology and the neteru of shamanic Egypt. Included will be a shamanic journey with Hathor, the archetypal Great Goddess of ancient Egypt, associated with the sign Taurus.

Ruby Falconer is the co-creator, with Linda Star Wolf, of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Their book, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods was published last year by ITI / Bear & Co. Ruby is the Staff Astrologer, Student Supervisor, Business Manager and a Workshop Facilitator for Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, located at the Isis Cove Retreat Center outside of Sylva, NC.

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