David Leskowitz, Speaker

Spelunking the Chironian: JAN 2018

We will be taking a deeper dive into Chiron’s cave of healing wonders!
We will be looking at Chiron’s role in the natal chart and its lifecycle.  We will also be looking at the charts of a few celebrity exponents of the multifaceted Chironian way, and what may be in store for us all with Chiron’s transits to the U.S. chart and April’s ingress into Aries.  We’ll also hop over for a cursory look into Pholus’ cave, and hopefully stay for a quick drink of ambrosia.
David’s astrology counseling website is hominycreekhoroscopy.wordpress.com (facebook.com/hominycreekhoroscopy). He teaches a healing meditation process with the Centaurs as our guides. To learn about the Healing With Centaurs process, visit http://www.centaurs.space to sign-up for upcoming workshops near you.


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