Lee Lehman, Speaker

The Four Elements and the Human Body: SEPT 2016

Lee Lehman, The Four Elements and the Human Body – Lee is a nationally recognized medical astrologer whom we are fortunate to have living here in Asheville and as an active member of AFOA.  Lee is regularly published in The Mountain Astrologer, the premier professional astrology journal in the U.S. 
Lee will talk to us about the connection between the four elements as expressed astrologically and in traditional medicine.  It’s impossible to understand medical astrology without first completely mastering how the elements were treated in ancient medicine. In this lecture, Lee examines how the elements were used to understand the functioning of the human body, and how this relates to the astrological elements. In this light, medical astrology is best seen as an add-on to traditional medicine which allows a deeper understanding of the elemental strengths and weaknesses.

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