Cathy Burroughs, Speaker

The Mystic, the Artist, the Addict: In Both the Natal and 7th Harmonic Charts: JAN 2011

“The Mystic, the Artist, the Addict: In Both the Natal and 7th Harmonic Charts”

This lecture will demonstrate how to find your and your client’s intuitive and creative gifts through both the natal and 7th harmonic charts. We will also demonstrate how to use these charts as a tool for healing, meditation and finding creativity, as well as drug/alcohol issues and the deeper spiritual resonances of the chart.  
        We will also look at Neptune, Jupiter, the Water Signs, the Water Houses, and transits as well as the 7th Harmonic as a means to understand the spiritual and creative aspects of life. We will explore how these apply practically to your relationships and your overall insight and way of seeing the world.
        Please bring your birth data. For the second half of the evening we will look at as many charts as possible.
        A one or two day workshop may follow. Possible topics, based on participants’ interest, include :
        SaturdayYour 7th Harmonic Chart and developing your psychic gifts. This could also develop into a full-blown psychic development day if that is of interest. 
        SundayYour 9th Harmonic Chart: Your Soul’s Yearnings and a tool for Personal and Relationship Development, or Beyond Synastry: Kismet, Destiny, Luck and “Happily-Ever-After” in Love: The 9th Harmonic and Magi Astrology Help Crack the Code.
        Two day workshop fee will be $100 if 10 or more register.  Cathy Burroughs, former VP of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS), has a successful Atlanta-based astrology, psychic and healing practice with an international clientele. She teaches astrology (all levels), psychic development, healing/clearing, tarot and more. She is a columnist for, and her “Celestial Interpretations” column appeared for many years in The Decatur Review/Journal (now The Story Newspaper). She has also written for the Aquarius newspaper and Oracle Magazine.
A twenty-five year practicing astrologer, Cathy teaches extensively and formerly was on the faculty of the Atlantean Mystery School. She has been seen on national cable NYC; Good Morning, Atlanta; Your Health Today; and several times on the Lucky Yates talk show. She leads Cosmic Cruises and other retreats, has lectured on astrology at the University of Southern New Mexico and throughout the Caribbean, and travels to see clients in the UK and Europe. Her main astrological website  

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