Have you ever looked at a chart and gotten a little overwhelmed by all the symbols? There’s so much to say! Where do you dive into a vivid description of the chart?

In this lecture Kelly Lee Phipps presented state-of-the-art insights for giving entertaining, life-enriching interpretations of astrology charts. He presented techniques of moving through a chart that blend knowledge, intuition, and creative imagination.

In addition to covering interpretation guidelines, Kelly went into detail about attaining chart synthesis, bringing it all together in a cohesive flow. “The secret to becoming a great astrologer is not about knowing astrology,” he says, “but about being a profound, inspiring communicator of and conduit to the symbolic language that taps into the source-consciousness.” Kelly gave particular attention to the evolution of the archetypes and using the ancient qualities to bring the chart to life.

Kelly is well-known for his dynamic, entertaining and content-rich lectures, which he has presented at several national astrology conferences. He is 100% committed to the idea that learning astrology should be fun!

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