David Leskowitz, Speaker

Astrology of Genius: JULY ’18

Asheville Friends of Astrology will meet Friday, July 20 at 7pm. Celebrate the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio by joining David Leskowitz and the AFOA as we delve into the astrological signifiers of genius. What is genius, anyway, and how can it show up in a person’s birth chart? We will look at the origin of the concept of genius in classical culture (the daimon), and explore various kinds: literary, artistic, spiritual, and scientific. Applying traditional, modern, and ultra-modern ways of doing astrology, we can gain insight from chart pieces such as the Hellenistic Lot of Spirit (Daimon), key planets and aspects, and especially the trans-Neptunian planet Borasisi alongside a squad of asteroids named for famous scientists.

Chart examples will be drawn from “genius” lives such as Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Emmy Noether, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Francis Bacon, Sri Aurobindo, David Bowie, Philip K. Dick, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

David Leskowitz enjoys astrologies both ancient and nouveau. He is inspired by the new work unfolding with the Centaur planetary guides in his astrological counseling and healing practices. Recently published in the Association for Young Astrologers’ journal The Ascendant, volume II (copies will be available for purchase at the talk), featuring an article about the TNO Borasisi and its role in the history of science. Check out his approach to astrology at hominycreekhoroscopy.wordpress.com, centaurs.space, and on Facebook.

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