David Leskowitz, Member

David Leskowitz

David Leskowitz’s astrological practice, Hominy Creek Horoscopy, is named after the waterway near his home in West Asheville. He has created The Centaur Space, a site about the Centaurs which features information about the Centaur planets as well as healing practices involving Chiron and his kin.

David will be co-leading a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Chiron and the Greek Gods and Muses in September 2019! This healing journey will combine astrological, herbal, mythological and energetic wisdom and healing traditions. Learn about it here!

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– Publications

  • David’s article about the trans-Neptunian planet Borasisi and its role in the history of nuclear science is published in the second volume of the Journal of the Association for Young Astrologers, The Ascendant.
  • David offers occasional blog articles on astrological happenings from his perspective working with Centaur planets. You may subscribe on his website.
  • More frequently, David tweets about what is up.
  • You can also like his page on Facebook to stay up to date on local happenings.

– Lectures and Professional Activities– In addition to several appearances at the Asheville Friends of Astrology, David has lectured for an undergraduate astrology course in the Religion Department at Vassar College.

– Consultations- David offers natal astrology readings, relationship readings featuring centaur & love-asteroid synastry, composite charts, unique Dream Archaeology reports, and astrological energy healing services.

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