Member, Ted Figura

Ted Figura

Ted Figura (pseud. Gargatholil)

Gargatholil’s website, Depth Astrology, is updated monthly with a series of articles exploring sign-to-sign relationships. The series begins with Aries-Aries and, as of mid-2018, has progressed to Leo-Capricorn. Various other articles have also been published. Older entries are archived.


Publications –

The article “Astrological Paradigms: How Our Worldview Affects Our Approach to Astrology” will be published in the February/March edition of The Mountain Astrologer.

Gargatholil’s 4-volume Depth Astrology; An Astrological Handbook, is available on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other ebook sellers. Now available in print from Amazon (in 5 physical volumes). The Introduction (Vol. 1) serves as a primer on a transpersonal approach to astrology. Other volumes are Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect. Depth Astrology was favorably reviewed in the Dec./Jan. 2018 edition of The Mountain Astrologer

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