Speaker, Tom Hendrix

Midpoints and Harmonic Analysis: June ’19

Asheville Friends of Astrology will meet next on Friday, June 21 at 7pm in the community room at Earth Fare Westgate to hear Tom Hendrix speak on midpoint patterns (Cosmobiology) and harmonic analysis. Tom will show how midpoints help to organize or prioritize the complexity of aspects generated through harmonic analyses. A brief background on the two methods will be followed by numerous chart examples from participants and current celebrities.

The premise of Cosmobiology is that a point midway between two planets can channel their combined effects. Any transiting or natal planet at that point will trigger the pair and, taking it further, it is believed that points spaced around the chart at 45 degree intervals from the midpoint of the two planets also may channel the combined effect.

Harmonics is a term used with aspects for a detailed type of analysis based on doubling the fractional value of primary aspects and grouping these into families. For example, the first family of aspects would be the conjunction (1/1), opposition (1/2), square (1/4) and semi-square (1/8) and so on. Similarly, trines, sextiles, and semi-sextiles and their multiples would form a family, followed by quintiles, septiles, etc.

While the concept is not new, its application to the analysis of higher or “minor” aspects has been feasible only with the modern computer programs Using these programs to reveal these systems of families of aspects provides a unified, multi-layered interpretation of the chart.
Tom Hendrix is an astrologer certified since 1978 in basic mechanics and classical concepts, astronomical foundations, cosmobiology, harmonics, synastry, predictive techniques and contemporary scientific studies. In Gainesville Florida at the start of the 70’s, Tom was an early student of David Cochrane, developer of the Kepler software. Now based in Southern California, Tom’s current focus is on the analysis of complex patterns of aspects in birth charts in a manner that clarifies and integrates the separate factors in the chart.

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