The Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, January 2020

At AFOA’s January 2020 meeting, Liv Woodford discussed 2020’s major astrological event– the Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn conjunction in Capricorn and what it may mean for us in our lives, personally and as a collective.  This combination of planets traveling together marks the signature astrological dynamic of 2020, promising to be powerfully transformative as it reflects some level of breakdown, breakthrough, restructuring and accountability for what we have created. 

The first quarter of the evening, Liv Woodford talked about the dynamics of the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction and how these energies may play out on the world stage. The focus then shifted to how this conjunction will show up in our personal lives.  Liv displayed the natal charts of those attending (who had volunteered their charts) and Liv facilitated a discussion on how the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction activates potentials, challenges and opportunities for the person whose chart was being discussed.  

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