Mid-Life Crisis According to Astrology: OCT 2012

Mid-Life Crisis According to Astrology

Note: this will be a three-hour lecture, ending at 10 PM

The Mid-Life Crisis or Transition is a definite developmental plateau to be faced by everyone in their early forties.

The planetary transits that “signify” this transition are the major oppositions to their natal placements of Jupiter, Uranus, then Saturn. This is the only time that three major planets are opposite each other within a very short time in our lives. Our lives become like the upturned apple cart, with many of us running in vain to save each apple, when we should be questioning whether we need to rebuild the cart. (We cannot buy a new one ;->)

We will have a short discussion of the group’s perceptions of mid-life transition.

Then my lecture and collected data will have much to get through, starting with the Neptune square (the first inkling that something is not right), into the Jupiter opp. “The grass is Greener on the other side”; The Uranus opp.; the world kicking us into a new lesson, and the Saturn opposition: the “Hammer”; that ends the 14-year cycle that started at the first Saturn return, and delivers the final blow to MLC.

Please try to contain your questions until we get through the dynamics of the transits.

Once we understand the dynamics of the transits, we can look at signs, house placements, aspects by natal planets, and any other variable and willingness to face these. We will also look at variations on the transformation, including notable and not so notable failures.

We will then look at the dynamics that take us out of mid-life, notably the 4th Jupiter return, and end with a discussion of your client’s charts and other examples of the variables of mid-life.