Christine Powers, Speaker

Essential Dignity: MARCH 2018

Christine Powers will speak on Essential Dignity:
Is the playing field level?  Is life fair?  Learn how to make the most of your planets.  Christine will include accidental dignities as well as essential dignities.  She will discuss planets in rulership, exaltation, detriment, fall, triplicity, sect, term and face.  She will use a few celebrity charts to explore how these dignities work in a natal chart.

Christine Powers is a lifetime seeker, student, teacher and practitioner of the Ancient Healing Arts, Divination and Esoteric Wisdom Teachings. She holds a B.S. in Human Services Counseling and Psychology and later pursued more body-centered modalities becoming a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist. Her ‘staple’ modalities of practice still include yoga and massage, in addition to, energy healing, astrology, tarot, and most recently as a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach. She has been an astrology enthusiast for 35 years and has devoted the last 20 years to more serious study and practice. She has been an attendee at the Asheville Friends of Astrology (AFOA) meetings since its inception in 2007 and is grateful to have been exposed to some of the most brilliant shining stars in the astrological world, both on the AFOA stage and at large in the global astrological community.