Clare Coriell, Speaker

The Mayan New Year, 2012, and You: JULY 2010

The Mayan New Year, 2012, and You — A Light for your Soul’s Journey

Come celebrate the Mayan New Year! Discover the power of the sacred cycles of time to guide and clarify your path in life. In the system of the ancient Maya, who were amazing experts in astronomy and star wisdom, each July 26 starts a new yearly cycle. We will honor the energies of this coming year with a simple ceremony. Then hear the messages that the Daykeepers, the galactic guides, would like to share about the coming year to help support and guide you on your journey. Clare will also discuss what the 2012 prophecy of the Mayans means and how you can prepare to make the most of this powerful time of the turning of the ages.

Clare Coriell, MS, DC, has studied and worked with the Mayan Calendar and Mayan/Galactic Astrology for 20 years. She also has extensive training in healing work, teaching meditation, and helping clients connect with their spiritual guides. She offers Soul Path Astrology sessions and healing work to bring a clear light and loving support for your Soul Journey in life. See for more information.