Cynthia Zimmerman, Speaker

Relationship Astrology: MARCH ’19

Cynthia Zimmerman will facilitate a discussion on synastry or relationship astrology. Looking at charts of well-known couples we will be answering questions such as what causes attraction between two people? What creates long-lasting relationships? How do you know your soul mate? How do planets and aspects influence relationships between people?

Cynthia Zimmerman began studying astrology in the early 1970’s beginning with classes from Sylvia DeLong in Casadega, Florida. She practiced astrology only for herself and for friends. However, further studies with David Cochrane in Gainesville, Florida brought an interest in harmonic astrology. Meeting with groups, these principles were applied to individual charts. Robert Hand is also a significant influence through readings. Synastry or Relationship astrology has been a continuing interest as well as study of the influence of planets throughout our lives.