Danielle Creeksong, Speaker

Communicating with Planets and Stars: FEB 2012

Danielle Creeksong

“Communicating with Planets and Stars”

Visualize: one strongly focused surfer atop a huge wave, gliding seemingly effortlessly across its crest, in perfect communication with the Conscious Presence of the wave itself as it unfurls towards shore. Then picture: another surfer, not in communication with the Conscious Presence of the wave, also driven to shore – but from under and inside the wave, pummeled and cast about as though inside a washing machine.

They both arrive at shore: the first one mystically connected and elated; the second surfer sputtering, feeling lost and disconnected.

When planets line up in your transits in ways that may appear formidable, or even beautifully Path-forming, do you sit with them for guidance and counseling as you would any group of truly caring mentors, or do you subconsciously withdraw from their healing forces, thus falling off the wave and going under for a beating?

In this highly experiential talk, you will be introduced to the deep desire of all of our Planets, including Earth, Moon, Sun, and other Stars, to offer their Soul wisdom through direct communication (whether kinesthetic, visual, auditory, etc.) with humankind, and especially with you. Then, you will learn how to begin (or vastly deepen) your heart’s communication with them in order to become a true, conscious co-creator with your transiting planets as they play across your natal chart (otherwise known as your Karmic Blueprint: that which you are meant to do and learn in this lifetime!)

. . . . and, with practice, stay atop the wave!

Be sure to bring a notepad and writing implement for notating personal experiences during communication meditations.

Creeksong is well-known in the WNC area for her ability to awaken individuals into direct experiences with Nature and Nature Consciousness. Following a spontaneous kundalini opening in 1987, she was thrust unexpectedly into numerous mind-altering shamanic experiences and teachings from various Nature Realms which have since been incorporated into her private practice and workshops. An Interfaith EcoSpiritual Minister, she is a frequent lecturer for dowser’s groups, and has been a guest teacher with The North Carolina School of Natural Healing and Massage and a summer guest lecturer with One World Healing Arts Institute. Most recently, she spoke on “Communicating with Plant Spirits, Animal Spirits and Elementals” at Warren Wilson College, which afterwards invited her to join their Alternative Healing Panel. Creeksong believes that Nature Consciousness desires direct communication with all humans, in order to assist us with the grounding and heart-opening necessary for the personal and planetary evolution we are being called to achieve during these powerful times.