Relocational Astrology for the 21st Century: MAY 2007

Astrologer and author David Cochrane spoke on “Relocational Astrology for the 21st Century” at the May 2007 meeting of the Asheville Friends of Astrology on Tuesday, May 22, from 7 to 9 p.m. The love offering lecture was held in the Earth Fare Westgate Community Room, 66 Westgate Parkway in Asheville.

Relocational astrology identifies the unique energies a person will experience as they live, do business or vacation in different places around the planet. Cochrane will explain how to combine insights from Vedic astrology, harmonic astrology, cosmobiology, and astro*carto*graphy in order to practice relocational astrology at a new level of detail and accuracy.

Cochrane is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc. and is the author of the Kepler astrology program. He has been called a “theoretical genius”, “the world’s greatest expert in harmonic astrology”, “the best speaker” at national conferences, and even “the best astrologer” by some of the world’s most respected and experienced astrologers.

Cochrane has over three decades of astrological experience, and has counseled thousands of clients. He is well known as an inspiring, dynamic speaker who makes complex ideas seem simple. He co-founded The Avalon School of Astrology, and is the author of Astrology for the 21st Century, AstroLocality Magic, and the forthcoming Astrology and Sacred Geometry.