David Leskowitz, Speaker

Lifecycle Patterns & Centaur Planets: MAY ’19

For Asheville Friends of Astrology’s May meeting (May 17), David Leskowitz will speak on Lifecycle Patterns and Centaur Planets. We’ll see how the eccentric movements of Chiron and Chariklo interact with the regular cycles of planets like Saturn over a lifetime. Depending on the sign your Centaur planets tenanted at birth, you experience the patterns Steven Forrest calls the “bio-psychic script” differently. We can learn a whole lot about how our life unfolds based on these interlocking cycles alone. Bring your birth chart and be prepared to learn how to plug in these helpful new elements to your astrological picture!
David will share some of his magical methods to work with Chiron more closely, too.

David Leskowitz, Speaker

Astrology of Astrologers: FEB ’19

Asheville Friends of Astrology will meet at 7pm on February 15 in the community room at Earth Fare Westgate. David Leskowitz will be speaking to us about the astrology of astrologers. David will lead a discussion about the charts of prominent astrologers. What makes an astrologer an astrologer? Can we see it in their horoscope? Likewise, can we see the kind of astrologer they become based on their natal placements? Also, does the tradition itself have anything to say about these questions? Is there an “astrology signature” in the birthchart?

We will look at a diverse range of historical and modern figures in our favorite field. To start, let’s delve into the inception chart of the AFOA! The talk will leave lots of room for audience participation and questions.

For the past four years David has made an extensive study of the Centaur planets as they relate to the timing of visionary experiences. David works with the Centaur planets in his astrological counseling and healing practice based in Asheville NC. Website: http://www.centaurs.space / facebook: Hominy Creek Horoscopy.

David Leskowitz, Member

David Leskowitz

David Leskowitz’s astrological practice, Hominy Creek Horoscopy, is named after the waterway near his home in West Asheville. He has created The Centaur Space, a site about the Centaurs which features information about the Centaur planets as well as healing practices involving Chiron and his kin.

David will be co-leading a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Chiron and the Greek Gods and Muses in September 2019! This healing journey will combine astrological, herbal, mythological and energetic wisdom and healing traditions. Learn about it here!

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– Publications

  • David’s article about the trans-Neptunian planet Borasisi and its role in the history of nuclear science is published in the second volume of the Journal of the Association for Young Astrologers, The Ascendant.
  • David offers occasional blog articles on astrological happenings from his perspective working with Centaur planets. You may subscribe on his website.
  • More frequently, David tweets about what is up.
  • You can also like his page on Facebook to stay up to date on local happenings.

– Lectures and Professional Activities– In addition to several appearances at the Asheville Friends of Astrology, David has lectured for an undergraduate astrology course in the Religion Department at Vassar College.

– Consultations- David offers natal astrology readings, relationship readings featuring centaur & love-asteroid synastry, composite charts, unique Dream Archaeology reports, and astrological energy healing services.

David Leskowitz, Speaker

Astrology of Genius: JULY ’18

Asheville Friends of Astrology will meet Friday, July 20 at 7pm. Celebrate the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio by joining David Leskowitz and the AFOA as we delve into the astrological signifiers of genius. What is genius, anyway, and how can it show up in a person’s birth chart? We will look at the origin of the concept of genius in classical culture (the daimon), and explore various kinds: literary, artistic, spiritual, and scientific. Applying traditional, modern, and ultra-modern ways of doing astrology, we can gain insight from chart pieces such as the Hellenistic Lot of Spirit (Daimon), key planets and aspects, and especially the trans-Neptunian planet Borasisi alongside a squad of asteroids named for famous scientists.

Chart examples will be drawn from “genius” lives such as Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Emmy Noether, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Francis Bacon, Sri Aurobindo, David Bowie, Philip K. Dick, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

David Leskowitz enjoys astrologies both ancient and nouveau. He is inspired by the new work unfolding with the Centaur planetary guides in his astrological counseling and healing practices. Recently published in the Association for Young Astrologers’ journal The Ascendant, volume II (copies will be available for purchase at the talk), featuring an article about the TNO Borasisi and its role in the history of science. Check out his approach to astrology at hominycreekhoroscopy.wordpress.com, centaurs.space, and on Facebook.

David Leskowitz, Speaker

Spelunking the Chironian: JAN 2018

We will be taking a deeper dive into Chiron’s cave of healing wonders!
We will be looking at Chiron’s role in the natal chart and its lifecycle.  We will also be looking at the charts of a few celebrity exponents of the multifaceted Chironian way, and what may be in store for us all with Chiron’s transits to the U.S. chart and April’s ingress into Aries.  We’ll also hop over for a cursory look into Pholus’ cave, and hopefully stay for a quick drink of ambrosia.
David’s astrology counseling website is hominycreekhoroscopy.wordpress.com (facebook.com/hominycreekhoroscopy). He teaches a healing meditation process with the Centaurs as our guides. To learn about the Healing With Centaurs process, visit http://www.centaurs.space to sign-up for upcoming workshops near you.