Aspects & Awakening: OCT 2014

Aspects & Awakening

What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects? What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This lecture will review the spiritual programs of every (major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of the others to reveal a striking template for our growth. We will also address the shadow possibilities if the spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously.


Uranus & The Future: FEB 2014

Uranus & The Future

This lecture will focus exclusively on the planet Uranus and address it from multiple angles. We will discuss its current residence in Aries and ongoing square to Pluto in Capricorn. We’ll look at Uranus at individual, social and transpersonal levels.

All of this discussion will be framed with the mindset, “How are we being drawn into new possibilities and breakthrough experiences?” We will look at the connection between Uranus, evolution, and bringing the future into the present.


Does Astrology Have a Patriarchal Bias?: MAY 2012

“Does Astrology Have a Patriarchal Bias?” With Uranus square Pluto, it’s time to take a fresh look at the underlying paradigm which informs our craft. We’ll explore many different angles in addressing this questions, including the Sun’s relationship with the masculine, astrology and mythology, issues of rulerships and exaltations, and more. The juicier question may be, “What are we going to do about it?” Eric will offer some suggestions.


The Lunar Phases and Spiritual Growth: JULY 2011

The Lunar Phases and Spiritual Growth, ERIC MEYERS

The Lunar Phases are one of the least explored, but most relevant of all astrology factors. The position of the Sun and Moon in the birth chart determines how much light the Moon has. Dark moons function quite differently from brighter ones.

This workshop will introduce the lunar phases in the context of spiritual growth, and use some attendee’s charts for examples. We will also review some of the astrology literature on this important issue. Learn how your Sun and Moon partner in your personal evolution.


Elements & Evolution: SEPT 2010

Eric Meyers

Elements & Evolution

The elements provide precise information on personality attributes and psychological characteristics. They can also reveal broader evolutionary themes. This lecture will offer a simple framework to understand how the elements interact in spiritually progressive ways — a multi-leveled approach dealing with the evolution of consciousness.