John Dumas, Speaker

Shamanic Astrology and the August Solar Eclipse: AUG 2017

John Dumas, Shamanic Astrology and the August Solar Eclipse: a very timely topic.  John is actually in Asheville specifically because of the eclipse and what he says should be very insightful. 
The shadow path of August’s Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse crosses the U.S. from Oregon to Charleston, SC, effectively dividing the country in two.  We can already see the significance of this in the current political and social climate.  Shamanic Astrology has a potent perspective on the symbolism of the eclipse and suggestions for dealing with its impact on our lives and the outer world. John Dumas is a certified Shamanic Astrologer offering individual and couple chart analysis in person or over the phone. Shamanic Astrology is an evolving system developed by Daniel Giamario that has emerged from direct experience of Daniel and others in their relationship to the unfolding mysteries. It is an earth centered and archetypal approach with a strong emphasis on soul purpose and expressed as a counseling session. This system is a study of intent designed to empower our lives based on the principal “As Above, So Below.”

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