The Vertex and the Law of Attraction: MAY 2011

“The Vertex and the Law of Attraction”

The Vertex is the least conscious point in the chart, where “fated people and events” come into our life. In working with the Vertex for over eight years, I have discovered why it appears to be the least conscious point: it represents the serendipitous encounters and events we bring about due to our feelings and thoughts. What we think about, we bring about! Understanding the Vertex lets us see how to most efficiently work with the power of attraction in our own lives.

Julene Packer Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP is a professional astrologer with the yogic aim of self-realization. For nearly a decade, she has been helping clients to develop insight into old outworn and sometimes toxic patterns that are asking to be released at critical crisis points. She combines the disciplines of Yoga and Astrology as a journey to awakening, to unite body, mind and spirit and bring ourselves into alignment with the rhythmic cycles of the cosmos, and to participate with joyful presence, compassion, love, and synchronous awareness of life unfolding perfectly on time around us, allowing us to be informed and attuned co-creators of our destiny.

Julene is also the CEO of the International Academy of Astrology, astrocollege.org where she has been teaching for over a decade.