Julian Venables, Speaker

A Journey to Antares – the Heart of the Scorpion: JUNE 2009

A Journey to Antares – the Heart of the Scorpion”

-Antares – a persian Royal Star called “The Watcher of the West”

-It is a fiery red star and has Scorpio at the heart

-Antares is 600 million miles in diameter and is located 500 light years from Earth

-Antares is most visible on May 31st of any given year.

-In 2009, Antares resides at 9 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius.

-Antares shows up in the natal chart with any planet that makes a conjunction within a 3 degree orb. Antares energy intensifies passion, obsession, discord, headstrong self-destruction through obstinance, strategic ability and a daredevil attitude. It can also indicate great success through ruthless obsession, but a crash or fall from grace occurs. An ability to go to extremes, seeking intensity. Those with a strong Antares influence continually put themselves to the test, honing skills through the fires of experience.

-Julian explained Antares conjunctions with all of the planets and utilized celebrity charts to provide examples. Some of the celebrity charts included Brittany Spears, Winston Churchill, Mark Spitz, Whoopi Goldberg, Abraham Lincoln, Kate Moss, Nostradamus and Farrah Fawcett. He also included charts of nuclear events and disasters to illustrate the influences of Antares’ power.

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