Symbol Configurations in a chart: MAY 2009

Kelly says that when he looks into a birth chart, he’s “viewing the cosmic map that correlates to the pattern used to form a human life and a living soul. The birth chart is vast in its symbolism and so eloquent in its description of human character, but often there is so much information staring you in the face, that it becomes easy to brush over everything lightly with pat descriptions you memorized from textbooks rather than opening your mind and heart to the authentic birth vision and feeling of the chart.”

In this presentation Kelly asks, “What can we really say about a configuration of symbols in a chart? How does one open to the archetypal principles within that human life and give voice to what is witnessed so that it brings about a great transformation in the client?” Dane Rudhyar once said that the transpersonal astrologer is like a poet in the Greek sense of the word: A mover and shaker of souls. As an astrologer or astrology enthusiast, it’s vital to invoke the numinous power of the archetypes to empower people. Many people are struggling to find purpose and to develop their unique characters in a sea of forces attempting to normalize everyone. But within the synthesis of the symbols in a chart, a pattern of emergent properties is revealed that adds up to the authentic individual sitting there.

Using state-of-the-art concepts from his forthcoming book, The Tao of Astrology, such as the evolution of archetypes in human character and an interpretion flow chart that came to him in a dream vision, Kelly guides you through the adventure of doing astrology like an improvising jazz musician, playing the cosmic muse to illuminate and inspire someone’s life.

Kelly concludes: “Note that this lecture will occur on May 26th 2009 under the exact alignment of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius, so expect it to be delicious! I have no idea what forces will pour out of me! But I can’t wait to find out!”



Have you ever looked at a chart and gotten a little overwhelmed by all the symbols? There’s so much to say! Where do you dive into a vivid description of the chart?

In this lecture Kelly Lee Phipps presented state-of-the-art insights for giving entertaining, life-enriching interpretations of astrology charts. He presented techniques of moving through a chart that blend knowledge, intuition, and creative imagination.

In addition to covering interpretation guidelines, Kelly went into detail about attaining chart synthesis, bringing it all together in a cohesive flow. “The secret to becoming a great astrologer is not about knowing astrology,” he says, “but about being a profound, inspiring communicator of and conduit to the symbolic language that taps into the source-consciousness.” Kelly gave particular attention to the evolution of the archetypes and using the ancient qualities to bring the chart to life.

Kelly is well-known for his dynamic, entertaining and content-rich lectures, which he has presented at several national astrology conferences. He is 100% committed to the idea that learning astrology should be fun!