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Lee Lehman

J. Lee Lehman

Lee Lehman is a respected medical and Classical astrologer. Her website, Classical Astrology: Study It, Understand It, Use It, presents information about Lee’s astrological practice and her more than 40 years of experience in the field of astrology.lee_close

Publications –

  • Books – Lee Lehman is the author of a number of books written over a period of 30 years on a wide variety of astrological topics. Her books include: Astrology of Sustainability; The Book of Rulerships; Classical Astrology for Modern Living; Classical Solar Returns; Essential Dignitaries; Learning Classical Horary Astrology: Notes & Workbook; The Magic of Electional Astrology; The Martial Art of Horary Astrology; The Perennial Herbal (a guide to plants referenced in Classical astrological texts); Traditional Medical Astrology; The Ultimate Asteroid Book and a translation of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates.
  • Articles – Lee Lehman has long written a regular column on medical astrology for The Mountain Astrologer. Lee has authored almost 20 articles for The Mountain Astrologer, and is a featured author in the first volume of The Ascendant published by the Association for Young Astrologers.
  • You may read her Astro Blog for updated articles about various topics on astrology.

Classes – Lee teaches classes in horary astrology at the School of Traditional Astrology in New York City and also teaches at the International Academy of Astrology (on-line and in Cleveland, OH), the Midwest School of Astrology (on-line and in Cincinnati, OH) and Kepler College, on-line. Lee also offers on-line courses on Classical Studies (natal, electional, gaming, mundane and weather prediction). A full schedule of courses taught by Lee is available on her website.

Consultations – Lee offers individual astrological consultations including: birth chart, electional, horary, yearly update, and rectifications. For those on a budget, Lee also offers computerized interpretations. Details, pricing and booking are on her website.

Professional Recognitions – Lee Lehman received the Marc Edmund Jones Award in 1995 and the Regulus Award for education in 2008.

Lee Lehman, Speaker

The Four Elements and the Human Body: SEPT 2016

Lee Lehman, The Four Elements and the Human Body – Lee is a nationally recognized medical astrologer whom we are fortunate to have living here in Asheville and as an active member of AFOA.  Lee is regularly published in The Mountain Astrologer, the premier professional astrology journal in the U.S. 
Lee will talk to us about the connection between the four elements as expressed astrologically and in traditional medicine.  It’s impossible to understand medical astrology without first completely mastering how the elements were treated in ancient medicine. In this lecture, Lee examines how the elements were used to understand the functioning of the human body, and how this relates to the astrological elements. In this light, medical astrology is best seen as an add-on to traditional medicine which allows a deeper understanding of the elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Lee Lehman, Speaker

Lifetime Solar Returns: JAN 2015

Lee Lehman, Lifetime Solar Returns.  This months presentation will be by AFOA founding member and author Lee Lehman.  The topic of Lees presentation is: Lifetime Solar Returns.  Solar returns are a system for predicting yearly trends, but they can also be the basis for examining longer term trends in the chart. In this lecture, Lee will demonstrate how to use the cycles of solar returns for longer term planning. Lee will also discuss the location of the solar return.

Lee Lehman, Speaker

The Nodal Cycle: From Ptolemy to Rudhyar: SEPT 2013

The Nodal Cycle: From Ptolemy to Rudhyar
Rudhyar and Ruperti discussed the Moon’s cycle of latitude, which requires no calculation except visual inspection of the chart. Yet it yields fascinating information about how the individual interacts with ideas and the world. This analysis clarifies Ptolemy’s and other ancient authors’ interpretation of the nodal cycle, and explains why the squares to the Nodes are so important.

Lee Lehman has a Ph.D. in Botany from Rutgers University. She is author of The Ultimate Asteroid Book (1988), Essential Dignities (1989), The Book of Rulerships (1992), Classical Astrology for Modern Living (1996), The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002), Astrology of Sustainability (2011), Traditional Medical Astrology (2011), Classical Solar Returns (2012), and a translation from the French of Papus’ Astrology for Initiates. Her correspondence courses, Classical Studies (horary, natal, electional, medical, gaming, mundane and advanced horary), bring classical astrology to the forefront as an astrological system. She also originated the Learning with Lee computerized CD series, which gives the astrologer the opportunity to see classical astrology in action, through an innovative combination of audio and visual presentation. Dr. Lehman was a Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kepler College.

She served the astrological community as Research Director for NCGR from 1987-1999, as UAC Board Treasurer from 1990 -1999, and as UAC Program Chair for UACs 1995 and 1998. She is a Life Member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the International Society for Astrological Reasearch (ISAR), and the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA).

Lee was the recipient of the 1995 Marc Edmund Jones Award, and the recipient of the 2008 Regulus Award for Education. Along with Esoteric Technologies, Lee has created two software report writer programs written specifically for the classical astrologer: Solar Writer/Medicus, for medical questions and decumbitures; and Solar Writer/Classical, for natal delineation in the matter-of-fact style of the Renaissance astrologer. She has developed the innovative add-on to Cosmic Pattern’s Sirius: Who Wins, which captures the rules of Bonatti for warfare for use in researching the outcome of sporting events. Her Perennial Herbal takes ancient astrological herbalism onto the web.