Nick Dagan Best, Speaker

Venus and Mars retrograde: Feb 2008

Nick Dagan Best’s Feb. 26, 2008 AFOA presentation was on Venus and Mars retrogrades and their significance in personal charts, as well as politics, history, and scandal. Nick’s work is based upon personal research performed utilizing the information in over 26,000 charts.

Specific information on Venus retrograde periods:

-Venus retrogrades 5 times during its 8 year synodic cycle

-Retrograde period lasts approximately 40 days

-The shadow of the retrograde lasts 30 days, both before and after the retrograde

-The total retrograde cycle is 100 days: 30 days shadow before + 40 days retrograde + 30 days shadow after.

Nick used many examples indicating the importance of Venus Rx including, World War II, death of Joseph Stalin, death of Eleanor Roosevelt, several terrorist attacks, various American scandals, etc.

Specific information on Mars retrogrades periods:

-Mars retrograde returns to the same position every 15 years in the synodic cycle

-Mars retrograde in some personal charts activate change much like clockwork

-Mars retrograde in political or history charts also indicate change

Nick used the natal chart of Paul McCartney to provide examples of how Mars Rx can create change in a personal chart. He also used the charts of the beginning and end of slavery in America.

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