Pam Gallagher, Speaker

Pre-Natal Eclipses and the Soul Journey: AUG 2013

Pam Gallagher
Pre-Natal Eclipses and the Soul Journey

History supports the belief that eclipse periods are times of turmoil and crisis. Astrologers have been tracking these events in connection with the birth chart for eons.

Pre-natal eclipses show the major stage-setter for the lifetime. Most astrologers focus on the Solar Eclipse as opposed to the Lunar Eclipse for life’s major trigger points. There will be a handout listing 100 years of eclipses for reference.

We will see how the Nodal Axis acts as a major indicator of soul growth along with the Pre-Natal eclipse for any birth chart. We will study how soul patterns are shown by the relationship between the natal Sun/Moon relationships, the Nodes, and these eclipse patterns.

Come discuss the Key Planet, the first planet activated after birth, which gives information about past life understanding and talents brought back to be shared. We will also review Robert Jansky’s Pre-Natal Eclipse material.