The Dance of the Elements: OCT 2010

“The Dance of the Elements”

Each of us embodies the four elements in a unique way, and our elemental make-up affects our relationship dynamics. For example, one person’s Fire may spark the other’s Air, creating a delightful, inspirational synergy. Or, if one partner is extremely Earthy and the other is very Fiery, the fiery person may at times feel bored or constricted in the relationship. Watch the elemental dance come alive in this astro-movement presentation with Sajit Greene. Audience participation will be invited, but not required.

Sajit Greene, MA, LPC, is a highly intuitive and soul-centered astrologer, with a special interest in the process of spiritual awakening, women’s empowerment, relationships, and sexuality. She has a master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa University and worked as a body-centered psychotherapist for many years. She provides an integrative, transpersonal approach to counseling and coaching, using the tools of astrology, expressive arts, Voice Dialogue, The Work of Byron Katie, and spiritual practices based in a nondual perspective. Her website is