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Thia McGinnis

Thia McGinnis

Thia McGinnis is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer and astrologer. Information about her astrological practice can be found on her website, Divinely One.

– Newsletters – Thia publishes an on-line newsletter on her website covering astrological topics.

– Consultations – Thia provides astrological readings for the natal chart, solar returns and transits. She also offers a personal birth angels meditation, as well as Ageless Wisdom Teaching Shustah card readings. Details, pricing and booking are on her website.

Speaker, Thia McGinnis

The 7 Rays in Astrology: JUNE 2018

Asheville Friends of Astrology will meet on Friday, June 15 to hear Thia McGinnis tell us about the 7 Rays and astrology.

The 7 Rays is an additional layer of consciousness (energy) flowing through each Constellation, providing access to a heightened understanding of the Divine Self. These Rays were first presented by the Theosophist, Alice Bailey, who channeled them from the Master of the Ancient Wisdom, Dwjal Khul. Although the study of the Rays is complex and an initial presentation is a minimum two day workshop, Thia will present basic information, allowing attendees to relate the Rays to their own personal astrology design, and provide some materials for additional take home study. Thia will accept a few charts from the group to analyze with the Rays aspects. If you’d like to submit your chart for review, please send your birth information to:
“The ebb and flow of the Seven Rays energies affect all units of consciousness in different ways, resulting in the great diversity within the One Life.” Synthesized from “A Treatise on the Seven Rays” Alice A. Bailey, teachings of Djwhal Khul

Thia deeply explores the potential and possibilities for individuals and groups by drawing upon some of the many spiritual tools provided by the Ageless Wisdom. She is the founder of Divinely One, a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing Light to the issues of modern times, especially the dissolution of duality as a state of being. Thia is committed to synthesizing the Ageless Wisdom into useful tools for daily living, and assuring that all is co-created with Integrity and in the Spirit of All is One.
Thia is an ordained Minister with certification in Esoteric Spiritual Studies. She also has a Masters of Business Administration, and was a business executive prior to acknowledging her legacy as a Mystic.

Speaker, Thia McGinnis

The Changing of the Ages: FEB 2017

Thia McGinnis, The Changing of the Ages – Remember the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?  What does it really mean? 

Ageless Wisdom brings together the Psychospiritual science of Astrology and the Rays to help define the Changing of the Ages.  We now live on the bridge joining the Piscean and Aquarian Ages; in a time that has been estimated from 100 to 800 years. The planetary aspects of the generations living now greatly impact the flow of the evolutionary changes now in full view.  Understanding these influences assist with the healing of individual, family, and global chaos expressed in these “changing times”.

Speaker, Thia McGinnis

Gender of Astrology and It’s Not About Sex: JULY 2015

Gender of Astrology and It’s Not About Sex – Thia has been gathering data and analyzing research information for more than seven years on the defining role Astrology and other Ancient Wisdom tools and teachings contribute to the understanding of the evolution of humanity in the aspect of dualitymore specifically the blending of gender (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) that impacts everyone.  Current times are the burning ground for finding tools to support the generations now coming forth to express this truth, expressing new archetypes that are a higher vibration of ancient archetypes. These archetypes are inclusive of all of sentient beings and not specific to exclusive groups.  An understanding and acceptance of our blended energetic expression of gender can go a long way in supporting right human relations.  Thias concepts and perspective on Androgyny have been developed based on her personal life experiences and the psychospiritual science of Astrology and other esoteric tools and teachings, such as the Seven Rays.
Thia McGinnis Short Bio – Thia is a lifetime student of the meaning of life.  As both a student and a teacher of esoteric teachings and practices, she found comfort and natural resonance with Western Astrology.  She is an Astrologer that seeks to find practical solutions for individuals and groups based on their cosmic design and integrating the continuous flow and best use of the energies accessible.  She believes and professes, Its All Good and the Light at the End of the Tunnel is the Reflection from Within.  She is a graduate of Santa Sophia Seminary and a credentialed Minister and Spiritual Counselor and Healer.  She has three decades of experience in business leadership and holds a MBA in Management.  In 2013 she founded the spiritual and educational not for profit organization, Divinely One.  She is best known for her intuitive receptivity and offers these services both privately and publicly.