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Virginia Rosenberg

Virginia Rosenberg is an intuitive astrologer and movement arts instructor. View astrology page of her website with a bi-monthly astrology articles. Her TEDx talk is featured here.


Embodied Astrology is an online course for those who want to integrate the wisdom of Zodiac Archetypes through the body.

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– Consultations – Virginia offers a variety of astrological readings by appointment, including: sessions for supportive guidance; exploring your natal chart, transits, progressions and solar arcs; relationship synastry and composite charts; family soul mapping; charts of parents and children and newborns; and business readings. Details, pricing and booking are on her website.

Speaker, Virginia Rosenberg

Astrology and Intuition: JAN 2017

Astrology and Intuition – Astrology is a language and a science. As such, it is an intellectually enriching craft. But from an alchemical standpoint, the intellect often blocks healing. In order to approach astrology as a healing tool, we must be able to access something beyond the conscious mind. We must allow our minds to expand enough to receive and allow for Space to exist and communicate with us. And, we must remain embodied as we do so. In this experiential lecture, we gently move our bodies and explore Astrology as a symbolic language that speaks to our unconscious – the space between thoughts. Here is where the mystery, and the true source of healing lies.
Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist. A mystic, Virginia approaches astrology first and foremost as a path of healing. She draws from a rich background in dance, Taoist martial arts, inner alchemy, energy healing modalities, shamanic ritual, and journeying the akashic records. Virginia’s readings span many countries, and she regularly travels as an Astrologer-in-Residence for retreats. Learn more about her work at