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Benjamin Bernstein & AFOA members: 2015 astrology forecast
David Cochrane: Relocational Astrology for the 21st Century
Kitty Hatcher: How To Turn Bad News Into Good News
Sherene Schostak: “Archetypal Astrology: Embodying the Planetary Gods”


Monday, June 17, 2013, 7-9 pm

Shellie Enteen on Beyond Venus and Mars:

How Other Natal Positions Show Relationship Compatibility
There’s more to relating than love and passion. What does the birth chart show about the ability to live with someone? How things change when a romance becomes a marriage? The way we think and communicate? Even the way we drive?

All of these factors influence our behavior and compatibility in relationships, from friendships to romance to life partners. Discover more about your personal mode of operation and how you might get along with that of others.

Shellie Enteen has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years. She has been a student of Jeffrey Wolf Green and his school of Evolutionary Astrology. She is the co-author of Passion Planets: The Astrology of Relationships. Her article “Astrology of the Bach Flowers” appeared in The Mountain Astrologer.. 

January 2015 – Lee Lehman, Lifetime Solar Returns.  This months presentation will be by AFOA founding member and author Lee Lehman.  The topic of Lees presentation is: Lifetime Solar Returns.  Solar returns are a system for predicting yearly trends, but they can also be the basis for examining longer term trends in the chart. In this lecture, Lee will demonstrate how to use the cycles of solar returns for longer term planning. Lee will also discuss the location of the solar return.

February 201 5 – Cancelled

March 2015 – Gary Caton, Total Solar Eclipse on the Vernal Equinox – The last time this happened was in 1662, so what are we to make of this rare phenomenon? 

First Gary will look at the family or Saros series to which the current eclipse belongs, and explore the bizarre Versace murder mystery that unfolded when this eclipses last relative appeared in 1997.

Next he’ll explore the chart for this particular eclipse and what it might mean for the World as well as individual attendees.

Gary is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration, growth and transformation via the Living Sky. After immersion in Shamanism & Tarot, in 1993 Gary was initiated an Astrologer by a magnificent Dream showing him the Sun-Venus cazimi. Gary earned a B.S in Counseling from ODU with highest honors and has developed a unique multi-discipline Astrology practice over 20 years.

Gary is a founding member of AFOA, past Facilitator and a frequent presenter.  We will welcome Gary back and look forward to learning more about this important astrological event.

April 2015 – Diotima Mantineia, Moving Right Along: Life After the Uranus-Pluto Square – Diotima will look at the next five years’ outer planet transits and cardinal ingress charts. Besides more than 45 years of astrological training and experience, Diotima brings perspectives from the Wicca, Tarot, yoga, Shamanism, herbalism, Chinese martial arts and Taoism traditions.  You can discover more about Diotima and her work at her website, www.uraniaswell.com.

May 2015 – Gary Caton, The Uranus Discovery Chart: An Old Look at the Birth of a New Age

June 2015 – meeting cancelled

July 2015 – Thia McGinnis, Gender of Astrology and It’s Not About Sex – Thia has been gathering data and analyzing research information for more than seven years on the defining role Astrology and other Ancient Wisdom tools and teachings contribute to the understanding of the evolution of humanity in the aspect of dualitymore specifically the blending of gender (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) that impacts everyone.  Current times are the burning ground for finding tools to support the generations now coming forth to express this truth, expressing new archetypes that are a higher vibration of ancient archetypes. These archetypes are inclusive of all of sentient beings and not specific to exclusive groups.  An understanding and acceptance of our blended energetic expression of gender can go a long way in supporting right human relations.  Thias concepts and perspective on Androgyny have been developed based on her personal life experiences and the psychospiritual science of Astrology and other esoteric tools and teachings, such as the Seven Rays.

 Thia McGinnis Short Bio – Thia is a lifetime student of the meaning of life.  As both a student and a teacher of esoteric teachings and practices, she found comfort and natural resonance with Western Astrology.  She is an Astrologer that seeks to find practical solutions for individuals and groups based on their cosmic design and integrating the continuous flow and best use of the energies accessible.  She believes and professes, Its All Goodand the Light at the End of the Tunnel is the Reflection from Within.  She is a graduate of Santa Sophia Seminary and a credentialed Minister and Spiritual Counselor and Healer.  She has three decades of experience in business leadership and holds a MBA in Management.  In 2013 she founded the spiritual and educational not for profit organization, Divinely One.  She is best known for her intuitive receptivity and offers these services both privately and publically.


August 2015 – Potluck 

September 2015 – Olivia Woodford, AstroMythology: the Myth We Are Living – Olivia will provide us with an introduction to the methodology and the building blocks for seeing the birth chart as a map that illuminates the archetypal mythology that an individual is expressing through their life. 

Carl Jung wrote,  I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness:  What is the myth you are living? I took it upon myself to get to know  my myth  and I regarded this as the task of tasks.   While the natal chart is often interpreted as a psychological portrait, Wendy Z. Ashley developed a methodology for how the chart can illuminate our  task of tasks  and uncover the story of our lives and how the central themes are part of a myth, or larger story.  As we experience the  larger story  that is reflected in our chart and lives, we have an increased awareness of our life path and the forces at play in shaping it.

The exploration of planets, stars and signs, seen through the lens of AstroMythology, will enrich and expand each participant s understanding within the astrological tradition(s) they are currently using.  And it provides an entry point to an ancient and yet modern tradition of viewing the chart as an archetypal story. 

October 2015 – Benjamin Bernstein, Astrological Forecast for 2016

November 2015 – Shellie Enteen, Astrology Reveals Mark Twain’s Family Secrets and Lies – Still considered one of the most influential writers of all time, as Mark Twain died, unbeknownst to him, a legacy of secrets and lies had already begun. It has long been thought that his family line ended with the death of his granddaughter, Nina Gabrilowitsch. But, an acquaintance of mine said shed been tacking her own birth to evidence that she was, in fact, Mark Twains great-granddaughter. She had just published a book on the process and story, and spoke of the difficulty of getting DNA to check. I told her that if there was a connection of this kind, there would be clear indications in the birth charts of all individuals involved.

Shellie Enteen, currently living in Greer, South Carolina, has studied astrology since 1975 and studied in 1999 with Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of the school of Evolutionary Astrology.  Shellie uses astrology as a counseling tool for informed decision making based on the blueprint that the Soul has chosen for this lifetime.  She combines classic interpretation techniques with an emphasis on evolutionary purpose to bring greater understanding to personal, relationship and question analysis.  Shellie also uses Tarot to supplement her astrological work in understanding the archetypal journey of enlightenment.  Shellie is also an Integrated Health Practitioner, with specialties in aromatherapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

 December 2015 – Holiday party

January 2016 – Marian Jones, Astrology, Imagery, and Healing: 4 Elements, 5 Elements! – Marian does medical intuitive reading focusing on Astrology as Alchemy and Intentional Inner work. She explores the unity of body-mind-spirit and weaves a web of imagery across many disciplines and dimensions. Marian teaches her clients how to connect with their symptoms from a holistic medical perspective.  She has also studied the I Ching and Astrology, along with Western and Eastern Medicine, for 40 years.

Marian has degrees in Psychology, Nursing and Oriental Medicine. She is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine and was a Psychiatric nurse for 7 years with children and adolescents.  She studied energy medicine with  many different people in the seventies, including Therapeutic Touch and Jin shin Do(R) Acupressure teachers.  Marian is currently working on a children’s book on Dragons.

Marian will talk to us about how astrologers can address emotional illness in a unique and innovative way, overlaying the five traditional Eastern elements over a Western chart.  She will give an introduction to how the Taoist system of ancient China and the Bon shamanism of ancient Tibet used the five elements for healing. The birth chart, transits and progressions, interpreted using the symbolism of the elements gives us a powerful tool for transformation.

You can take your knowledge of Western Astrology and use these systems to give valuable insights as well as medical readings to your clients. Her talk will also include “The Importance of Being Aries!” (Somewhere in your chart/script).

February 2016 – Gary Caton, Secrets of the Venus-Mars Cycle – In this workshop, Gary will put his research into the 2500 years of Venus-Mars cycles into context from a Mundane perspective, seeing how history can be seen to cyclically repeat via the 300 year Venus-Mars Epoch.  Then hell zoom in on the particular cycles of the current era and see why things have drastically changed since the baby boomers were born. This of course informs relationship styles and trends as well as gives insight into self-improvement strategies. Come find out your own unique place in both the macro and micro Venus-Mars cycles-which may be very different than what you expected! 

Gary will have CDs available for sale with recordings of this talk & his articles on the subject. 

Gary P. Caton is an eclectic astrologer who embraces an organic process-oriented approach to spiritual exploration, growth and transformation via the living Sky. After immersion in Shamanism & Tarot, Gary was initiated an Astrologer by a magnificent Dream in which he was shown the Sun-Venus cazimi. Gary holds a Counseling degree and has developed a unique multi-discipline Astrology practice over 23 years. Visit Gary’s website at www.DreamAstrologer.com.

March 2016 – Ted Figura, The Astrological Houses as a Developmental Progression – Though we’re all familiar with the houses, a depth astrology approach allows us to explore their meaning on multiple levels.  Drawing on and expanding upon the seminal work of Dane Rudhyar in this area, Ted will discuss each house as representing a stage of life, from our birth to our death.  Ted will then discuss the innate need represented by each house and how the traditional house meanings are derived from the developmental stage and the essential focus of each house.  Finally, the transcendent potential, or transpersonal meaning, of each house will be explored.  Thus, within the progression of the 12 houses, we find twelve individual progressions from ordinary consciousness to Realized Consciousness. 

Ted Figura began exploring astrology in the early seventies, focusing on natal astrology and what it can tell us about our personalities and psyches.  He has written the 4-volume work, Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook (Introduction, Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses, Planets in Aspect)under the pseudonym, Gargatholil.  Gargatholil publishes a website, www.depthastrology2.com, which is currently focused on sign-to-sign dynamics.  

April 2016 – Ed Castro, the 2016 Presidential Election – we’re getting a double-dose of an astrologer’s look at 2016 Presidential politics (Stephen Poplin will be giving us another perspective in May).  Will Donald Trump finally go down in flames?  Can Bernie take the Democratic nomination from Hillary?  Will any of these three become President of the United States?  While we may not be able to predict with certainty, it’s fascinating to see what astrological issues the candidates will be dealing with and what the astrological probabilities of success might be. 

 May 2016 – Stephen Poplin, the 2016 Presidential Election – Who will win? What’s at stake? And what do the stars say? Starting with the USA chart for July 4th, 1776, and using aspects and progressions for various charts, including the key hopefuls, the plan is to collect views for informed decisions   together. Stephen Poplin will put on his detective outfit, make some careful calculations and present the cosmic evidence. Then we will open the discussion, compare notes and have our own election. How democratic!

Besides his national reputation as an transpersonal astrologer, Stephen is known for his work in regression therapy, life between lives integration (LBL), and spiritual hypnotherapy.  Stephen will be in our area for more than a week (May 6-May 15) and will be offering private sessions in past life regressions, LBLs, Tarot and astrology at the Namaste Center in Flat Rock.  Stephen will also present talks on Group Past Life Regression (Friday, May 6 at 6 pm), Astrology of Fate: Big cycles, little cycles, tricycles! (Sunday, May 8 at 11 am) and Soul Mates, Karma and Purpose (Saturday, May 14 at 3 pm). Private appointments with Stephen are available May 9-12. 

Stephen Poplin, M.A., CHT, is a former college instructor of philosophy and humanities. Stephen lived in Virginia Beach and gave talks at the ARE on Cayce and Astrology. He has studied history, drama therapy, symbology, numerology and metaphysics, among other interests. He has performed stage hypnosis shows for educational and spiritual breakthroughs. Stephen is the former International Director of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, founded by Michael Newton, who wrote the bestselling Journey of Souls. He was also past presidents of two international astrology association centers aligned with the NCGR, in both Virginia Beach and Washington, DC. Stephen’s practice, which includes past life regression and altered state personal journeys, brings him often to Europe. Stephen is an interfaith minister and “worth shop” leader with clients worldwide. He is known for his compassion, insight and humor. Sessions also offered in German. 

June 2016 – Marion Jones, Astrological Healing – Marian will explore the function of the four elements in health and relationships in Western Astrology.  She will be providing us with an introduction to the use of astrological imagery in  Asian Medicine and Shamanism. 

 Marian does medical intuitive reading, focusing on astrology as alchemy and intentional inner work.  Her readings explore the unity of body-mind-spirit and weave a Web of imagery across many disciplines and dimensions.  She teaches her clients how to connect with their symptoms from a holistic medical perspective.

Marian has been studying the I Ching and Astrology along with Western and Eastern Medicine for 40 years. She has degrees in Psychology, Nursing and Oriental Medicine. She is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine.` She was a Psychiatric nurse for 7 years with children and adolescents. Originally, Marian studied energy medicine with  many different people in the seventies including Therapeutic Touch and Jin shin Do(R) Acupressure teachers. She wrote  a book on healing from Fibromaylgia and a children’s book on Dragons soon to be published.  Her writing synthesizing Five-element theory and Astrology was published in QI magazine. 

July 2016 – Liv Woodford, Living by the Moon – Liv Woodford has been a professional astrologer for 26 years.  She is certified in Mythic Astrology with Wendy Z. Ashley and Fixed Star Astrology with Bernadette Brady.  A lifelong student of astrology, her practice has been enriched through the study of various astrological approaches including Shamanic Astrology with Daniel Giamario, Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Green and Chart Synthesis with Noel Tyl.  Olivia has a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University, is the Founder of Healing Theatre and is a Certified Life Coach. 

Liv‘s background as an artist, teacher and nonprofit administrator has provided her a range of experience in which to view life and understand the human journey.  Her avid exploration of world cultures, Jungian psychology and eastern and western philosophies have given her a depth of perspective and experience in the realm of archetypes and symbols.

For more information or to contact Liv, visit www.woodfordastrology.com.

The earliest peoples created a lunar calendar. Living by the Moon and attuned to cyclical time, our ancestors recognized the interconnectedness of all life and moved in tune with natural rhythms.  A lunar orientation strengthened communal and familial bonds and enhanced intuitive, reflective, and creative sensibilities.

 Living in a solar-oriented world that glorifies linear time, perpetual progress and the exaltation of the individual, we have lost touch with the light of the Moon and the mysteries

This workshop will engage and develop relationship with the lunar cycle and will provide detailed information about the Moon, its mysteries, rhythms, and how our ancestors experienced and lived by The Moon.

Information, tools and exercises to help inspire and motivate you and your clients to Live by the Moon that will be included in the workshop are:

 * Daily, Monthly, Seasonally, Annually and Cosmic Lunar Cycles  * Lunar cycles of a human life  * Ways to foster a lunar-oriented life, as opposed our solar orientated culture * Animals that embody lunar energies. * Ways to attune to the inherent power held within the dark time before the New Moon * Optimal times for gardening, surgery, and more * Ways to Relate to the Moon as a living being and to recover the wonder of this silvery orb that watches over the night.


August 2016 – Shellie Enteen, Daily Forecasts and Conscious Elections – Shellie will discuss how to offer daily astrological advice for others and ourselves, what indicators are primary and have the greatest effects, and how we apply this in making important decisions for the future.

Shellie is an astrologer, author and interfaith Reverend and has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years.  She has been a student of Jeffrey Wolf Green and his school of Evolutionary Astrology.  She is the co-author of   Passion Planets the astrology of relationships,  (Jove Books, 1980) and her article  Astrology of the Bach Flowers  appeared in The Mountain Astrologer in 1999 special issue on health.

Shellie has lectured at the South Florida Astrological Association and is a popular speaker at the Namaste Center in Hendersonville, NC and Unity of the Mountains in Blairsville, GA. She writes monthly forecasts on her website, www.astralessence.com which also offers a free monthly e-newsletter and daily forecasts appear on the Astralessence facebook page. Shellie is host of a weekly Blogtalk Radio program, Esoterically Speaking. It airs live on Wednesdays at

10:00 a.m. Eastern. Contact shellie@astralessence.com for information about private mentorship classes in astrology and aromatherapy and to order readings and other spiritual services.


September 2016 – Lee Lehman, The Four Elements and the Human Body – Lee is a nationally recognized medical astrologer whom we are fortunate to have living here in Asheville and as an active member of AFOA.  Lee is regularly published in The Mountain Astrologer, the premier professional astrology journal in the U.S. 

Lee will talk to us about the connection between the four elements as expressed astrologically and in traditional medicine.  It’s impossible to understand medical astrology without first completely mastering how the elements were treated in ancient medicine. In this lecture, Lee examines how the elements were used to understand the functioning of the human body, and how this relates to the astrological elements. In this light, medical astrology is best seen as an add-on to traditional medicine which allows a deeper understanding of the elemental strengths and weaknesses.


October 2016 – no meeting 

November 2016 – Benjamin Bernstein, Astrological Forecast for 2017

December 2016 – Holiday party

January 2017 – Virginia Rosenberg – Astrology and Intuition – Astrology is a language and a science. As such, it is an intellectually enriching craft. But from an alchemical standpoint, the intellect often blocks healing. In order to approach astrology as a healing tool, we must be able to access something beyond the conscious mind. We must allow our minds to expand enough to receive and allow for Space to exist and communicate with us. And, we must remain embodied as we do so. In this experiential lecture, we gently move our bodies and explore Astrology as a symbolic language that speaks to our unconscious – the space between thoughts. Here is where the mystery, and the true source of healing lies. 

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist. A mystic, Virginia approaches astrology first and foremost as a path of healing. She draws from a rich background in dance, Taoist martial arts, inner alchemy, energy healing modalities, shamanic ritual, and journeying the akashic records. Virginia’s readings span many countries, and she regularly travels as an Astrologer-in-Residence for retreats. Learn more about her work at www.HeavenlyBodiesHealing.com.


February 2017 – Thia McGinnis, The Changing of the Ages – Remember the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?  What does it really mean?

Ageless Wisdom brings together the Psychospiritual science of Astrology and the Rays to help define the Changing of the Ages.  We now live on the bridge joining the Piscean and Aquarian Ages; in a time that has been estimated from 100 to 800 years. The planetary aspects of the generations living now greatly impact the flow of the evolutionary changes now in full view.  Understanding these influences assist with the healing of individual, family, and global chaos expressed in these “changing times”.

March 2017 – Ed Castro, Astrology and Relationships – How well do you match up with your current or prospective partner.  Also when is the best time to seek or begin a relationship.   For our next meeting Ed would like to share his experiences using astrology to determine compatibility.  To make the meeting more relevant he would like to compare the relationship charts of some of the members in attendance. 

Ed Castro has been casting charts for 48 years. He founded the United Nations Astrology Club where he worked for 20 years, casting charts for UN personnel and diplomats. He has developed a unique style which uses western astrology as well as Magi astrology. He started incorporating oracle cards and automatic writing in his readings after he met Doreen Virtue, Ph. D. and she encouraged him in his intuitive development. He has also been practicing bhakti or devotional yoga for over 35 years and more recently has delved into the mysteries of Vedic astrology.
Presently Ed lives in Asheville, NC and has a thriving practice with clients from all over the US and many foreign countries.   His vision is to help his clients get a clearer understanding of who they are and their role in this world. 

To learn more about Ed and his practice, go to his website, http://www.edcastroastrology.com/about.html

April 2017 – Marian Jones, Astro April –  Astro April, will focus on where the planets are dancing in the sky and how that choreography is affecting our energy fields  Prepare to have a lively discussion.  You’ll have an opportunity to have a mini-reading of your chart, focusing on its current transits, facilitated by Marian.  If you would like your chart discussed, send your birth date, time and place to Marian at marian.jones@gmail.com
May 2017 – Ted Figura, Looking at Generations Through the Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolize transformative energies at the personal level but, because of the many years in which they remain in a sign, they can also be viewed as generational planets.  In other words, the qualities associated with these planets as they move through the zodiac are reflected in the behavior and experience of whole generations.  Individuals can then be understood in the context of their generation and astrology can also help us understand our history beyond looking at astrological correlations to specific events.   

Ted’s interest in astrology began more than 45 years ago with his discovery of the works of Dane Rudhyar and Alan Leo.  In the 1980s, his knowledge of astrology was further informed by the writings of Donna Cunningham, Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene.  Ted has always appreciated astrology as a tool for self-knowledge and personal growth.  He believes, while transits may be valuable for understanding the “astrol weather” one is experiencing, it is the natal chart that holds the key to interpreting the drives and motivations, qualities, internal conflicts and challenges, and potential of the personality resident in this lifetime.

While Ted is not a professional astrologer, his interest has led him to write about astrology, gathering an international audience.  Ted writes under the pseudonym, Gargatholil.  He has published the four-volume Depth Astrology: an Astrological Handbook: Introduction, Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses, Planets in Aspect and updates his website monthly with a series exploring sign-to-sign dynamics and other articles.  He has also published a book of poetry, The Trembling Tear: Songs of the Inner Voice.

June 2017 – Shellie Enteen, Subtle Astrological Levels of Relationship – Typically, an astrologer will look at interactions between the planet signs of person A and person B to determine compatibility.  While this is an effective tool, it can miss the more subtle chart indications.  These can illuminate connections that put an end to the mystery of why people with seemingly incompatible charts have a strong attraction and get along so well.  It can also reveal unknown connections between family members.  Come explore two more levels of astrological information.  Please bring one or two charts of a family member or partner, so you can apply and see the information revealed in your own relationships.

Shellie is an astrologer, author and interfaith Reverend and has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years.  She has been a student of Jeffrey Wolf Green and his school of Evolutionary Astrology.  She is the co-author of   Passion Planets the astrology of relationships,  (Jove Books, 1980) and her article  Astrology of the Bach Flowers  appeared in The Mountain Astrologer in 1999 special issue on health.
Shellie has lectured at the South Florida Astrological Association and is a popular speaker at the Namaste Center in Hendersonville, NC and Unity of the Mountains in Blairsville, GA. She writes monthly forecasts on her website, http://www.astralessence.com which also offers a free monthly e-newsletter and daily forecasts appear on the Astralessence facebook page. Shellie is host of a weekly Blogtalk Radio program, Esoterically Speaking. It airs live on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Contact shellie@astralessence.com for information about private mentorship classes in astrology and aromatherapy and to order readings and other spiritual services.
July 2017 – no meeting

August 2017 – John Dumas, Shamanic Astrology and the August Solar Eclipse –
John Dumas will be our speaker.  His topic will be Shamanic Astrology and the August Solar Eclipse–a very timely topic.  John is actually in Asheville specifically because of the eclipse and what he says should be very insightful.  The shadow path of August’s Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse crosses the U.S. from Oregon to Charleston, SC, effectively dividing the country in two.  We can already see the significance of this in the current political and social climate.  Shamanic Astrology has a potent perspective on the symbolism of the eclipse and suggestions for dealing with its impact on our lives and the outer world.

John Dumas is a certified Shamanic Astrologer offering individual and couple chart analysis in person or over the phone. Shamanic Astrology is an evolving system developed by Daniel Giamario that has emerged from direct experience of Daniel and others in their relationship to the unfolding mysteries. It is an earth centered and archetypal approach with a strong emphasis on soul purpose and expressed as a counseling session. This system is a study of intent designed to empower our lives based on the principal “As Above, So Below.”

To learn more about John, visit his website at http://www.johndumas.com/astrology

September 2017 – Mela Carraira, Exploring the Lunar Nodes – The Lunar Nodes are the spiritual nexus of any astrological chart and lend some of the most important clues to the direction and dynamic of all other elements of the chart.  Our most profound karmic processes are tied up in these points and as are the solutions to these great challenges.  In this lecture Mela will go over a few different ways to work with the nodes for self-discovery and self-understanding in our path in life (as well as those we counsel).  Mela will incorporate elements of Taoist cosmology, Draconic astrology & prenatal eclipses as well as some discussion of how the nodes work in transit, through eclipses, etc.
Please feel free to send me your birth info to mela@melaluna.net  be a part of the discussion.

Mela Carreira is an astrologer and Taoist internal martial arts practitioner.  From a young age she developed an interest in astrology and drew up her own natal chart for the first time from a book when she was only about 11 or 12.  Many years later, she was officially initiated into chart reading through a friend, and her latent interest in astrology was reignited with a force!  She began a professional practice in 2013, and has been continuously studying and intuiting the voices of the planets ever since.  Her training in Taoist alchemy at Tao Institute in Downtown Asheville, as well as work with the Akashic Records with Deborah Hellman and Nancy Ring has informed her process, perspective, and research.  Mela’s emphasis in working with Astrology is on soul work, soul perspective, and self knowledge. 

Mela offers readings, classes and workshops in Astrology, as well as teaching Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Praying Mantis Kungfu and more at the Tao Institute under Master Frank Paolillo.  Please feel free to visit her website for more info:  http://melaluna.net/.
October 2017 – David Leskowitz, Centaurs –
David Leskowitz will be speaking to us about the Centaur planets (or asteroids).  Chiron is the most widely known, but David will also be informing us about its kin: Chariklo, Okyrhoe and Pholus,  David will discuss the Centaurs’ distinct role in the astrology with respect to the bardo experienced: in moments when we are spontaneously lifted out of this linear dimension.  Famous case studies will be examined, ranging from those threshold experiences medically recognized as Near-Death or Out of Body, to the more spiritually lofty, such as claims of ascension, resurrection. and intentional reincarnation. 

Astronomically, Centaurs weave between the inner and outer planets, bringing unique information along with them to Earth. In myth, the Centaurs are renowned for healing and psychic abilities. Astronomers have recognized dozens of Centaur Planets.  Join us to learn their myths as well as special methods for getting the most specific information out of these new planets in our astrological charts.
David Leskowitz found the art of astrology to be the crucial knowledge that was missing from his education, in both the academic and spiritual sense. Luckily his college mentor was secretly an astrologer, too! Since finding the stellar science (just as Chiron transited his Pisces Ascendant) David has studied integrative astrology with Rick Jarow, and evolutionary astrology with Steven Forrest. His approach is inspired by his two years spent in India, as well as the non-dual outlook of his Buddhist teachers. Planetary knowledge helps attune us to this world, while showing us the way through. For the past three years David has made an extensive study of the Centaur planets as they relate to the timing of visionary experiences. Now he is inspired to share these findings in workshops, in addition to a new healing meditation process that includes the Centaurs as our guides.
His website is hominycreekhoroscopy.wordpress.com and facebook.com/hominycreekhoroscopy
November 2017 – Benjamin Bernstein, Astrological Forecast for 2018

December 2017 – Holiday Party

January 2018 – David Leskowitz, Chiron – Through David, we will be taking a deeper dive into Chiron’s cave of healing wonders!  We will be looking at Chiron’s role in the natal chart and its lifecycle.  We will also be looking at the charts of a few celebrity exponents of the multivalent Chironian way, and what may be in store for us all with Chiron’s transits to the U.S. chart and April’s ingress into all important Aries.  We’ll also hop over for a look into Pholus’ cave, and stay for a quick drink of ambrosia.

February 2018 – no Meeting

March 2018 – Christine Powers

Christine Powers will speak on Essential Dignity–Is the playing field level?  Is life fair?  Learn how to make the most of your planets.  Christine will include accidental dignities as well as essential dignities.  She will discuss planets in rulership, exaltation, detriment, fall, triplicity, sect, term and face.  She will use a few celebrity charts to explore how these dignities work in a natal chart.

Christine Powers is a lifetime seeker, student, teacher and practitioner of the Ancient Healing Arts, Divination and Esoteric Wisdom Teachings. She holds a B.S. in Human Services Counseling and Psychology and later pursued more body-centered modalities becoming a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist. Her ‘staple’ modalities of practice still include yoga and massage, in addition to, energy healing, astrology, tarot, and most recently as a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach. She has been an astrology enthusiast for 35 years and has devoted the last 20 years to more serious study and practice. She has been an attendee at the Asheville Friends of Astrology (AFOA) meetings since it’s inception in 2007 and is grateful to have been exposed to some of the most brilliant shining stars in the astrological world, both on the AFOA stage and at large in the global astrological community.